Finn Piney and Remy Stamler-Lessard were awarded best male athletes at the 2017 IDES year-end awards. Phil McLachlan/The Free Press.

IDES students one step closer to adulthood

It was an exciting moment for students and parents as the Isabella Dicken Elementary School (IDES) grade 6 class stood assembled one last time, on June 29.

A crowd of proud youth and even prouder parents watched with joy as diplomas and awards were announced, commending the young men and women on their accomplishments.

Students in grades four, five and six were presented with achievement awards, commemorating their efforts.

Awards were given for Academic Excellence, Excellence in Citizenship, Excellence in Music/Fine Arts and Outstanding Improvement.

After the students received their diploma’s and watched a slideshow from years past, the students sat back down for the announcement of this year’s major awards. Here, students had their names etched on the trophies, and were given a keeper plaque to take home.

Ms. Neufeld stood up to announce this year’s winner of the Lisa Tkatch Memorial Award, in recognition of best female athlete.

Before speaking about the award, Neufeld addressed the entire grade six class.

“It’s been a pleasure having you guys here,” she said. “You’re respectful, you’re kind, you’re engaged, ernest, and you’re great role models for the rest of the school.

“If I could keep you here one more year, I would, but we’re full, and you’ve got to go….so take all that good stuff with you to the high-school, and please come by and visit.

Kylie Pereverzoff was awarded best female athlete, for her participation on the soccer, volleyball, basketball, marathon, and track and field teams. She was named MVP while on the soccer team.

Finn Piney and Remy Stamler-Lessard were awarded best male athletes.

“They were chosen for their athleticism, their dedication to sport and their leadership,” said Neufeld.

Mrs. Voysey was proud to award Jessica Timm and Summit Wannamaker with the 7D Gigliotti All Round Sportsmanship Award.

“It is being presented to two of our grade-six students, who have exuded absolutely incredible attitude, effort, sportsmanship, and generosity in sport as well,” said Voysey.

“They are selfless in their support of others, in their praise of others, in their appreciation towards everyone. They exude wonderful leadership qualities.”

Jasmine Bailey was awarded with Jack Pidgeon Memorial Citizenship award for her involvement in the community.

“The student who is receiving this award today, has been involved in so many different aspects in our school, has exuded wonderful leadership, has been a part of our grade six leadership club. She encourages others, she volunteers, she looks around to help adults and staff with a smile on her face and she supports her peers,” said Voysey.

Katie Mitchell and Finn Hepher were the recipients of the Grade 6 band award.

These two students were chosen because of their excellent musicianship, and leadership in their class.

Jaedon Chorostecki and Owen Johnson were named best in grade 6 math with the IDES Math Achievement award. For this, they won a scientific calculator.

These students were chosen because of their skills with numbers, their problem solving abilities, and their attitude towards learning.

The Larry Cerny Literacy award was given to Helen Lazar and Avery Sikkes, for their consistency throughout the year in all areas of their writing.

Mme Patrice expressed, before presenting the award, how every story read was an absolute pleasure.

Last but certainly not least, the Max Turyk Achievement award was presented to a student who excelled in all areas of academics, citizenship, athletics.

“The student who is winning this award this morning demonstrated academic excellence, outstanding citizenship, was helpful, is helpful, is intuative and empathetic, has ideas and acts on them,” said Voysey.

The winner of the 2017 Max Turyk Achievement award was Avery Sikkes.