Aldo Scarpelli has quite the green thumb. Here he stands next to his more than 13-foot high sunflower.

Local gardener grows giant sunflower

Local man known for his impressive Christmas light display now has people stopping to check out his garden, namely his giant sunflower.

Aldo Scarpelli managed to grow a giant sunflower. Standing at 13 feet, six inches tall with a ten inch diameter, the sunflower easily towers over any of the number of people who stop to take a photo of it.

“Every year I plant a few, but this year this one has gone crazy,” Scarpelli said. He maintains that he didn’t do anything different to prompt the flower to grow to such a height. He even pointed out another sunflower in his garden, which he planted at the same time but is only half of the height.

Scarpelli said that people have started stopping at his garden to take a photo of the flower, many of them saying the height of it must be some kind of record. Scarpelli is unsure of what the record for sunflower height is.

Scarpelli’s garden is well manicured, and he spends much of his time in the garden, tending to his plants. His efforts are obvious, as the garden looks immaculate. In the winter, Scarpelli directs his efforts towards his Christmas light display, which is also known around town. He has won first place for his Christmas light display for the last three years.