Rich Lauriston and his daughter Aila observe photos on display at the I am Fernie gallery opening. Phil McLachlan/The Free Press

Local photographer expands his business

The man behind successful exhibit, I Am Fernie, will soon take on his first associate photographer

Kyle Hamilton of Kyle Hamilton Photography is excited to expand his business, and take on his first employee, an associate photographer.

Starting as a photographer 10 years ago, Hamilton has grown from shooting anything and everything, to focusing on his niche as a portrait and wedding photographer. Now that he know what he wants to do, he has hired some helping hands which will allow him to focus on such.

Hamilton found it was relatively easy to start anew as a business owner in Fernie, due to the welcoming nature of Fernie as a whole, and the demand for a wedding photographer.

He is pleased to present a new associate photographer which will allow Hamilton to more fully focus his abilities in service to the photographic needs of the community.

His goal is to have his new photographer assist him, while he focuses his time on weddings, lifestyles and the more esoteric needs of the community. His new associate, Joy Segovia, will concentrate her skills on family portrait sessions. ­

“It’s great to have my business expanding,” said Hamilton. “I’m really looking forward to being able to offer family portraits again. Over the last couple years, doing everything myself has meant that some aspects of the business have had to go by the wayside.”

Segovia will serve the community with the best quality service and products by offering limited bookings per month. Segovia is a Colorado transplant who loves horses, music and people. She has fallen in love with Canada, its beauty, its grandeur and most of all its people.

With so much enthusiasm for Canadians, Hamilton said that Segovia will be directing her efforts, as his associate photographer, on creating fine art pieces for clients to feature on their family’s walls, office desks, or anywhere else they would want the reminder of the joy and love that their family brings to each other,” said Hamilton.

“With an associate that I can trust to shoot family portraits to the same style and calibre that I expect of myself, I can offer the community a fuller portraiture experience.”

Hamilton is certain Segovia will be able to capture timeless images and moments of a family, bringing value to their memories for decades to come.