Sophia Loewen addressed the crowd during her valedictorian speech at the Court House Grounds during The Fernie Academy graduation ceremonies, June 28. Lindsay Vandenberg/The Free Press

The Fernie Academy graduates set example

On June 29, eight students from The Fernie Academy (TFA) were commemorated for their efforts throughout their schooling years, and wished the best on their future endevours.

Robert Angus, Liam Cote, Donovan Gostick, Sophia Loewen, Cheyenne Marritt, Anthony Milligan, Taylor Moulton and Zac Watson sat proudly, reflecting on years past.

Congratulations grads on reaching another major milestone in your life,” said TFA board director, Alice Aylward-Nally.

“I hope you find the broad education you received at TFA makes your next step, be it college or university, easier. I know you found the workload heavy but you must admit some of it was fun – particularly the drama and travel.”

Aylward-Nally continued on, praising Jocelyn Sombrowski for her unfailing efforts as head of TFA.

Sombrowski then addressed those present by saying she is proud of the graduating class, who set an example for graduating classes to come.

“Today, five are wearing Honours Chords demonstrating their drive to achieve whilst earning credit totals exceeding 150 – far beyond that required by our province,” she said.

She praised graduates for not only their academic scores, but also their involvement in the arts. She reminiced on school presentations and plays; from Rockefeller to Shakespeare to Gatsby.

“They have been lost boys, witches, pirates, a cowardly lion, a tin man and munchkins,” she said. “Together they have slammed poetry, dissected, calculated, debated, researched, experimented, built birdhouses, made yearbooks, music, quilts and art. They have camped, played and competed. They have travelled extensively – learning about history, art, other cultures and foreign languages.

“They are public speakers and are prepared to face the challenges to come.”