Edmonton band FKB will be performing at The Northern Bar on May 19. Submitted photo

FKB set out on first North American tour

Will play at The Northern on May 19.

The four members which make up the Edmonton band, FKB, were brought together through a mutual love for 50s and 60s music.

Drew Shalka (bass/lead vocals), Derek Chalut (drums), Alex Fedorouk (guitar), and Travis Topylki (guitar) are originally from Bonnyville, Alberta but since moved south.

Bonnyville is a very small town with limited opportunities for new bands. Starting out there, FKB were stuck playing more country music because of the audience. Although this caused them to move away, the group says Bonnyville now hosts a more vibrant entertainment scene compared to when they knew it many years ago.

FKB was born after Drew Shalka and Derek Chalut met in middle school. Further down the road, the two were in separate bands playing separate shows but at the same venue. Outside, the two conversed about Paul McCartney and got onto the subject of The Beatles. After this conversation, they agreed to take a leap of faith and start a band together.

Shaka and Chalet realized that night that they both shared a love for what they considered the best era of music. For Shalka, 50s and 60s music made him fall in love with music.

“There’s just something real about it,” said Shalka. “It’s the instrument variety to it too. I started playing guitar but when I got into The Beatles and The Beach Boys, there was so much piano and harpsichord and other things involved in their music that I found appealing. There’s no limit to what different sounds they were putting into the songs.”

However, modern music still finds a place in their hearts, and FKB is inspired by groups such as the Arkells, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and Maroon 5.

Shalka believes the current state of the band falls closer into the category of alt-rock/pop.

During the beginning, group was trying desperately to come up with a funny or clever band name. 15-years-old at the time, the group thought it would be cool to name themselves after the acronym for the local bar.

The original goal was to make music and see if people were interested in what they had to say, through their songs.

“By that standard, we’ve definitely achieved it,” said Shalka, speaking of their dedicated fan base.

“I think the goal has evolved over time,” he added. “At this point the goal is trying to get more and more people, trying to break into new regions and get some attention across the country.”

So far, FKB has released one EP, 1-2-3 FKB in 2014. On their current tour, the group will be promoting their new EP, Bright Lights.

FKB will be touring Canada for the first time, and stopping at The Northern Bar and Stage on the night of May 19.