Jonathan Corobow, Max Brodovsky, Jacob Brodovsky and Jesse Popeski of Kakagi. Submitted photo

Songs of summer to follow Kakagi

Four-piece folk rock band, Kakagi (pronouced Ke-Ka-Gi) will be bringing their songs of adventure to Infinitea on the night of May 8.

The Winnipeg-rooted group consists of Jonathan Corobow on bass guitar, Max Brodovsky on drums and backup vocals, Jacob Brodovsky on lead vocals and guitar, and Jesse Popeski on lead guitar and backup vocals.

This upcoming Western-Canadian tour will be their first ever as a band.

Popeski is also in another band, Casati Folk Trio, who will be performing at Infinitea on Thursday, April 20.

Jacob and Jesse have been friends since childhood, and have been playing together in a band called Radiation since they were 14. Three of the four members have been jamming together at summer camp since the summer of 2015, and put together a few songs.

“A lot of our music is focused on places,” said Corobow.

Kakagi sings songs of the north, of the prairies, and of the city. One song on their current EP, titled Spadina Street Car takes the listener on daily journey through the eyes of Jacob who commuted on the same street car, every day.

“That’s the real goal, is that when people listen to the songs, have them experience what we experience in those places, and give that big picture that people listening can get a hold of and appreciate,” said Corobow.

Popeski is the group’s musical mastermind, having studied jazz at the University of Manitoba.

“We got him in, he helped us arrange things, it was a great fit,” said Corobow.

Kakagi’s current EP contains three songs, recorded over two days, live off the floor.

“We just wanted to get something out there, so that when you’re playing a show, you can say hey, we’ve got this music out,” said Corobow. “It’s been a great first experience of getting ourselves out there.”

Jacob composes the lyrics as well as the basic tune of new songs, and from that point the band will take it on, jam with it, and see where it goes from there. Corobow referenced a song that has taken three different faces over the course of its lifetime, and will most likely continue to change as they play it more.

All share a common goal with their music, and have planned up until 2019. Jonathan and Max are currently in university, and look forward to finishing in 2017. Touring with their first EP, the group is eager to return to the studio September and October of 2018 to record their second EP. Once this is done, the group is hoping to set out on a journey of two to three tours, starting in the west and making their way east by spring of 2019.

Kakagi will be tuning their guitars to start their set at 8 p.m. on the evening of May 8.