Geoff the Bear recently stopped at the Fernie Museum, and left soon after on another adventure. Phil McLachlan/The Free Press

Geoff, the bear who’s been everywhere

Geoff the Bear took time out of his busy travel schedule to stop in Fernie recently. Geoff was born on January 15, 1976 in Ramsgate England, and has his Pawsport to prove it.

He left home on March 2, 2015, for Sharm, Egypt, where he stayed for 11 days. In July he was taken to Mexico, where he stayed until December when he was taken to Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Later that month he left for Northampton, United Kingdom, and soon after to Malham, Yorkshire, UK. In January he left for Leeds, and stayed there for another month. In February he set out for Paris, France, and then to Fernie in late February.

Geoff stayed in Fernie for one month, before leaving for Stockholm, Sweden in March. Later in March he set out for Dublin, Ireland, and in April he arrived in Amsterdam, Holland. In June of 2016 he landed in South Wales, and in July he followed the sun to Sardinia, Italy. In September he arrived in Shanghai, China, after a short visit in Dubai. In February of 2017, Geoff landed in Italy. His next journey started in April, when he traveled to Malham, Yorkshire. In May of this year, Geoff landed back in Fernie where he has been waiting for another ride to his next mystery destination.

“… I’ve caught the traveling bug, and would love to see a bit more of the world,” says Geoff. “If you’d like to take me with you wherever you’re going next (anywhere in the world – home or holiday), I’d love it.

“Once I’ve visited you can leave me with this note attached for someone else to find me, so that I can go onto visiting another wonderful place.”

After his brief respite at the Fernie Museum, Geoff is on the road again.

Bon Voyage, Geoff!