Kal Tire runs Lilac Terrace promotion

To encourage civilian donation to the Lilac Terrace expansion project, Kal Tire will provide discount services for donation.

For every $10 donated to the Lilac Terrace expansion project, the Kal Tire in Sparwood will provide 10 per cent off tire and mechanical labour services.

The promotion will be running from October 27 to December 1.

“In order to support our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, which recognizes our responsibility to our customers, environment and community and providing support to non-profit organizations, it’s something that we should take part in to support Lilac Terrace,” said Kal Tire Manager Craig Hanzel.

When trying to decide what society to provide assistance to, Hanzel said that the majority of responses he got were in support of Lilac Terrace.

Hanzel added that some of the board members from Lilac Terrace will be present during busy drop-off hours to discuss the expansion project and provide residents with more information.

He hopes to extend the invitation to any Sparwood council candidates interested in the issue.

“I think it would be great to involve the candidates as they’re an integral part of the community and the issue,” explained Hanzel.