Kelvin’s Kitchen gives back to Fernie’s seniors

At Kelvin’s Kitchen husband and wife Kelvin and Elain Siu are serving up more than authentic Chinese food.

Left to right: Lynn Maffiolo

Left to right: Lynn Maffiolo

At Kelvin’s Kitchen husband and wife Kelvin and Elain Siu are serving up more than authentic Chinese food. The co-owners have also incorporated western cuisine and have generated a following of loyal customers over the years.

Coming from Hong Kong, Kelvin and Elain originally relocated to Calgary. After going on to spend time in Yellowknife and Waterton, the couple found themselves in Fernie eight years ago and decided to put down some roots.

“I came to Canada for the people and the country is so good,” said Kelvin. “When I came here I said this town is good, we’ll stay here. I like small towns.”

Shortly after, they opened up Kelvin’s Kitchen and it has been going strong ever since. It is the owners’ appreciation for their customers that really sets the restaurant apart from others in town. Every spring Kelvin and Elain host a free dinner for the local seniors. They began the tradition the first year they were open and seniors from Fernie, Sparwood, Elkford, and even the South Country come out for the special meal.

“When you’re doing anything from your heart people know it. When you come to the restaurant you’re supporting our small town. I thought I can do good for the seniors, so why not?” explained Kelvin. “Without the seniors, Fernie wouldn’t exist. They gave us the future. We want to appreciate and thank the seniors for what they have given us.”

Kelvin and Elain supply the place and the food, and a group of loyal customers volunteer to help with the serving and clean up.

Jim Booth and his wife Alice are regulars at Kelvin’s and have been helping out at the annual seniors’ dinner for years. “One way of showing appreciation for Kelvin and the community and the seniors is to come and help,” said Jim. “It’s a pretty big endeavor that he takes upon himself  by supplying the meal. He wants to appreciate the seniors for what they’ve done in the past, and reward and recognize them by having this dinner.”

The dinner is generally held in April, shortly after the snow has melted, and is free for anyone over the age of 65. Following the seniors’ night, Kelvin and Elain host a thank you dinner for all of the volunteers.

Anyone interested in attending or volunteering at this year’s dinner can contact Kelvin at 250-423-3211.