Sustainability at Island Lake Lodge

Island Lake Lodge and Catskiing receive the Gold level certification by Green Tourism.

Island Lake Lodge and Catskiing are commencing 2015 in an environmentally friendly manner, claiming the Gold level certification by Green Tourism — the world’s leading sustainable tourism certification program.

“We’re quite proud that our efforts towards becoming more sustainable have been recognized,” Director of Sales and Marketing for Island Lake Resort Group Mike McPhee said. “We realize that our business and our brand is based on the environment and the mountains, so we feel a certain stewardship towards our land.”

McPhee noted that the company follows ten basic principles when it comes to sustainability; community engagement, energy use and fuel consumption, motorized vehicles, waste management, ecosystem management, wildlife management, minimizing human impacts, education and awareness, office and administration and safety.

Green Tourism grades companies like Island Lake Lodge on 150 areas within 11 sections of sustainable business operations, including water issues, energy saving, nature and cultural, innovation and travel and transport, sections that Island Lake Lodge scored highest in.

In terms of energy savings, McPhee noted that this is something Island Lake Lodge has worked diligently to achieve.

“We generate our own electricity,” McPhee added. “[We generate] 85 kilowatts of electricity up at Island Lake.”

With countless trails in the area, the resort also focuses on conserving the natural environment, while providing the community with leisure activities. In fact, McPhee noted that 97 per cent of Island Lake Lodge’s land base is set aside as a nature reserve.

“We work hard at that,” he said

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