Vantage Point looks forward to continued success

Vantage Point, a well known development in the Elk Valley, has been hugely successful this year

Vantage Point is known as a community within a community.

Vantage Point is known as a community within a community.

Vantage Point, a well known development in the Elk Valley, has been hugely successful this year. They have sold homes, donated and contributed to the community of Sparwood and created a recognized housing area known as the community of Vantage Point. All this was done while offering new homeowners unique and creative financing options to get prospective buyers into the home of their dreams.

Vantage Point sells itself on many things, a beautiful location, top of the line home construction, big lots, great value, and the ability for homeowners to live in a place where the sense of an inner community is thriving. “We have had a lot of positive community input,” says Allan Lingwood, Vantage Point Marketing Coordinator. Currently, there are nine homes left for sale. “We will continue to work on selling the remaining homes,” says Lingwood. “There is such great value in these homes. Coal Town Properties has exceeded what is the norm for a developer in the areas of landscaping, and little extras a homeowner will see. Also, the creative financing will continue for these 10 homes, this financing offers a zero down promotion as well as financing options that can work to suit a lot of different people in different situations,” he notes. “It seems as though almost all of the families that have moved in so far are all families with young kids, and all from the Elk Valley area, which is amazing and creating a great place for everyone to call home.”

Aside from getting families into Vantage Point homes they have also made a big impact in the community of Sparwood. In 2010 and 2011 Vantage Point has made many donations and sponsorships, gave away pumpkin pies, participated in Coal Miner Days and most notably hosted a very well attended vintage car show.

What’s to come? Vantage Point sees a very bright future. “When the remaining 10 homes are sold, we are looking forward to even more growth.

“We plan on being even more involved in the community and hosting four annual organized events,” says Lingwood. Because of the popularity of the vintage car show, this will be one of the annual events people can again look forward to. Vantage Point anticipates events such as family days, and an Easter celebration which will coincide as being a fundraiser for a not for profit society in the community of Sparwood as well as other events which are currently being planned.

Also, behind the scenes, those involved in Vantage Point, Chatterson Drive and Coal Town Properties are continuously promoting Sparwood and its industries, driving new visitors and residents to the Elk Valley. “We are really getting more info out on our website and Facebook about Vantage Point and Sparwood,” says Lingwood. “Facebook allows us to reach out to people with updates, facts and information on a real time basis.”


“We would like to thank the community of Sparwood for all of their support,” says Lingwood. “Residents have been amazing, and provided us a foundation for success.” With all of the growth, achievement and plans for the future, people can continue to look forward to Vantage Point being a prominent part of the community of Sparwood.