File photo for editorials by Scott Tibballs (Scott Tibballs/The Free Press)

Editor’s column: Merry Christmas to everyone but 2020

We’re still a week off, but I’m ready to bid adieu to 2020 now. To be honest, I was ready to bid it farewell sometime around March, when the proverbial excrement collided with the rotary oscillator, to be polite about it. It’s been an interesting year, to say the very least.

While the global news cycle has been in hyper-drive (and hyperventilating) constantly, flitting between disasters, setbacks and complications here and there, I’d hazard a guess that to most people, 2020 will be remembered more for the mental strain than anything else.

Nobody got what they wanted in 2020, nobody had a perfect year, but we’re all in this together, no? Or so I’m told.

2020 was the perfect breeding ground for the cynics and the doubters in the world, and I’d be pretty happy to delve into all that, but after this year I’d rather sit back, count my blessings and look to a brighter future.

For me personally, I get to enjoy a white Christmas in 2020. Childhood dream: check.

For now, my family came out the other side of a vicious second wave of the pandemic in Australia happy and healthy. I don’t get to go see them for awhile, but I’m counting the blessing anyway.

I got to enjoy the pleasure of being laid off for the first time in my career in March thanks to you-know-what, which was great, but then I had the opportunity to try a few different jobs and eventually found myself here in the Elk Valley, where for the most part, folks are OK.

I hope that the people who read this – and those that don’t – found some silver linings in the year as well.

I can’t say I learned any lessons on how to deal with 2020, and I’d be making things up if I acted like I had.

‘Taking things one day at a time’, ‘keep calm and carry on’, bootstraps, stoicism, optimism, glass half full – it all sounds like (and always sounded like) a bunch of rubbish to me.

2020 was awful, but the silver linings are great, and I’ll take them.

For everything else, I’m glad 2020 is almost done. It’s naive to expect 2021 to be any better, but I choose to be naive. I certainly don’t have any sage advice for the rest of you.

I’m going to spend New Year’s Eve hoping that the door really does hit 2020 on its way out.

Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

-Scott Tibballs