A trip of a lifetime

Fernie Secondary School student Jodi Thompson describes her recent exchange trip to Quebec

The students in Quebec

The students in Quebec

Many people never have the chance to travel across this country with their class, but for our class, we had the experience to travel to Quebec for an exchange. The students from Montreal came to Fernie in February and finally it was our turn to go there for a week. We have many memories that will stay in our hearts forever!

Two special experiences were the trip to Quebec City and the Biodome.  At Quebec City we saw many old buildings and the parliament. This was the day that I ate Quebec’s famous poutine! The Biodome was really cool as there were so many incredible animals that I had never seen before in my life.

My favourite memory would have to be the entire trip! I met so many new friends and the activities were so fun. The Quebec exchange was the experience of a lifetime – I had so much fun this week and hope to see our ‘twins’ again as well as take a trip back to Quebec with my family!