The Lilac Terrace pie makers.

The Lilac Terrace pie makers.

Baking for a cause

The Lilac Terrace pie makers have made and sold 150 apple pies to raise money for the Lilac Terrace expansion.

Meet the Lilac Terrace pie makers: Rose Lippa, Helen Huryn, Olga Raffin, Gladys Musil, Bunny Mercereau, Gloria Baytaluke, Adeline McMahon, Rosina Berdusco and Carol Letasy.

These ladies have made and sold 150 apple pies!  They are doing this to help raise money for the Lilac Terrace expansion. Word has quickly spread throughout Sparwood and Elkford and the orders have been pouring in non-stop. When asked how long they plan to continue, Rose Lippa replied, “Until the expansion construction has started.”

The group gets together one or two mornings a week and share laughter and friendship while they pour their love into each pie. They are committed to helping make the expansion happen. “We cannot thank these ladies enough for everything they are doing. They have raised over $1,200,” said Administrator Deborah Friesen. “It is wonderful to see them working together, making an important contribution to Lilac Terrace. They are an incredible group.”

Fundraising for the expansion continues with the society board members approaching businesses and asking individuals to donate. Charitable tax receipts are available for any donation over $10. For more information or to make a donation, please contact Deborah at 250-425-2292.