Phil Gadd presented a business workshop at The Loaf on Apr. 28

Business workshop hosted at The Loaf

On Apr. 28, Phil Gadd hosted a business workshop at The Loaf in Fernie.

On Apr. 28, Phil Gadd hosted a business workshop at The Loaf in Fernie.  The workshop, titled “Five Strategies to Survive in this Economy” focused on providing tips to entrepreneurs about adapting their businesses to the current economic climate.

Gadd hosted the workshop with Christopher Yeung and Sharon Richardson. The three founded PCS (Phil, Christopher and Sharon) Workshops and Events and hosted another workshop in Calgary on Apr. 26.

“We believe that every entrepreneur has the potential to change the world. We help entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses, which allows them to live the life they want,” said Gadd. “We do this by providing entrepreneurs with business coaching and consulting, and helping them develop routines, and implement business tools.”

Approximately 45 people attended the workshop, and it was a packed audience at The Loaf. According to Gadd, the reception of the workshop was positive.

“Talking to all the people that attended the event on Thursday the reaction was hugely positive with everyone taking something different from the event that they could apply to their business,” he said.

PCS will be hosting a series of six webinars dedicated to business starting in June.

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