Candidates gear up for 2014 municipal election

The candidate list has been finalized and the election campaigns have commenced.

The candidate list has been finalized and the 2014 municipal election campaigns have commenced in the City of Fernie, the District of Sparwood and the District of Elkford.

To prepare the public for this year’s municipal elections, The Free Press will be posting a profile, along with voting information and a question and answer survey of all the Elk Valley candidates. Please look out for candidate’s information on This link is the newest addition to The Free Press website, catered to keep the public up to date on the most recent news from the 2014 municipal election. With less than a month untill the 2014 municipal elections, candidates have only a few chances to shine in front of the public, and The Free Press wants to ensure that all the candidates have a chance to show their personalities through our elections link. The link can be found on the top right hand corner of The Free Press webpage.

Elk Valley candidates will also be given a chance to shine during the official forums.

The District of Sparwood forum was held at the Causeway Bay Hotel and Conference Centre on October 21, the City of Fernie forum is taking place at the Fernie Community Centre on October 29 and the District of Elkford forum is taking place at the Elkford Community Conference Centre on November 3.

With a grand total of 28 councillor candidates and seven mayoral candidates, this election is about to heat up, especially in the District of Sparwood where four locals are running for mayor and 13 candidates are running for a councillor seat.