Leela Bushman

Leela Bushman

Children smile with Santa at Park Place Lodge

Ghildren had the opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap last Sunday morning at Park Place Lodge’s Annual Santa Breakfast.

Ghildren had the opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap on December 7 at Park Place Lodge’s Annual Santa Breakfast.

Photographer Kyle Hamilton said that between 30-40 children would be having their pictures taken with Santa.

Santa said he has “focused on the Elk Valley” for the last 25 years.

“There were a couple years where I was sick, or else it would be 28,” he said.

The breakfast event itself donates money to charities and this year, Park Place was dedicated to localizing its efforts.

A minimum $3 donation per breakfast was split between the Fernie Women’s Resource Centre and Fernie Friends for Friends charity.

“It was a collaboration between the staff to do something different,” said organizer and Park Place Lodge Manager Shayne Brideau. “Last year and in year’s past we’ve done things outside of Fernie like a human rights movement, things overseas, the Red Cross … This year we wanted to bring it close to home because it is a Fernie event, so we wanted to impact the Fernie community.”

Brideau said that in her three years of organizing the breakfast, this was the first year for it to sell out.

“It’s been really successful this year,” said Brideau. “We started advertising a month ago and we’ve been sold out for two weeks … we ended up having to bring in more tables and chairs.”

For Santa, the event was all about the children.

“The best part? The children, of course,” he said.