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Christmas Recap: Community celebrates Christmas at Fernie Library

Though the new year is here, there's still an opportunity to look back at some of the city's fun Christmas celebrations.

The Fernie Library hosted its sixth annual Community Christmas Celebration on December 20.

Locals of all ages arrived at the library to take part in numerous activities including caroling, crafts and enjoying apple cider and other treats.

“A lot of people have said it’s their favourite time because a lot of people carol but here everybody sings,” said library director Emma Dressler.

According to Dressler, the event has transformed over the last six years to include a wider demographic of people to enjoy the library’s activities.

“Instead of just children there’s also adults, seniors and young people in town who want something Christmas-y to do,” noted Dressler.

Downstairs, children enjoyed crafting their own cookies by decorating them with icing and various treats. A station for creating stars out of yarn was also a hit.

Upstairs, attendees had the opportunity to chat with Santa, drink cider and sing with the crowd.

“It’s our way of bringing the community together for Christmas time,” Dressler said.