City worker retires after 32 years service

Craig Austin has been employed with the City for 32 years as a heavy equipment operator.

Craig Austin in his favourite chair for one last time.

Craig Austin in his favourite chair for one last time.

By Mary Giuliano

Council members and a large number of employees from different departments of the City of Fernie gathered at the Public Works office last month to offer congratulations to one of their co-workers who is retiring. working with backhoes, loaders and graders. He was responsible for plowing the Ridgemont, Pine Avenue and Castle Mountain areas for the past 10 years. He was also very good with tools and spent time in the shop assisting with repairs.

During the past 32 years of service Craig was an excellent employee especially noted for his skill in operating the heavy equipment. Special thanks go to Craig for his many years of loyal service to the City of Fernie. Mayor and Council extend sincere congratulations and very best wishes to Craig for a long and happy retirement.

An astonished Craig commented, “I am really surprised to see so many of you here, shocked actually, usually when someone retires only a few people turn up.” Craig went on to open his gifts and then sat down on his favourite chair one last time. Long-time employees with good work records like Craig definitely need to be acknowledged and appreciated. Congratulations Craig and thank you for 32 years of devotion to this community.