Coal Miner Days unveils new coordinator and dates

Sparwood's annual community celebration is only a few months away

Changes are coming to Coal Miner Days. Sparwood’s annual community celebration is only a few months away and this year’s festivities will see a brand new coordinator as well as different dates than previously scheduled.

Originally planned for June 6 to 8, Coal Miner Days 2014 will now take place on June 13, 14, and 15.

“The [Coal Miner Days] committee took the ‘second weekend in June’ very literally,” explained new coordinator Justine Bowen. June 1 falls on a Sunday so they were considering that the first weekend, making the second weekend June 6 to 8. After a few discussions and an eventual vote at our AGM, we decided that more people would take the second weekend in June to mean the second ‘full’ weekend in June.”

She added, “This is Sparwood and who knows what the weather will bring. Hopefully a little later in June things will have dried up a bit more.”

Bowen is taking over the position of coordinator from long-time organizer Renee McCormick, who stepped down this year to focus on her work as a full time teacher.

“I had volunteered last year at Coal Miner Days and really enjoyed it. I am a stay at home mom which is a new experience to me. I’m used to working 80-plus hours a week in an extremely busy mine environment where I was always on the go, and raising a 2 year-old is also non stop, always on the go, but in a different way,” said Bowen. “I thrive on being busy and I am a go getter, so after talking to my husband and thinking it over I decided that I would probably never fill Renee’s shoes, but I knew I would do my best to try.”

Bowen went on to say, “I’m excited to be such a big part of Coal Miner Days and to work with our board and committee to make it the best event we can make it, but I’m also very nervous. It is a lot of work and a huge responsibility. Coal Miner Days is a staple for our community and I want it to continue to be as great as it has been and I’m really looking forward to doing my best to make sure that it is.”

Bowen has also recently started coaching the gymnastics program at the Sparwood recreation centre and is the point person for the community’s t-ball league.