Hundreds of snowmobilers gathered for the Elk Valley Snowmobile Club’s social.

Elk Valley Snowmobile Club races into season

Two weeks ago, the Elk Valley Snowmobile Club held their first official get-together, attracting hundreds of snowmobilers from near and far.

After several years of negotiations with the federal government and working to promote themselves in the community, the Elk Valley Snowmobile Club (EVSC) have grown their small unestablished club into a legitimate organization keen to ride some of the best powder in North America.

On Jan. 18, EVSC held their first official get-together, attracting hundreds of snowmobilers from near and far.

“We had a well attended weekend,” EVSC president Dan Rotella said. “We had over 100 snowmobilers come in from all over B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.”

The snowmobile club first made their mark on the valley in 2013 when they hosted a poker run — an event where snowmobilers visit five to seven checkpoints, drawing a playing card at each destination in the hopes of claiming the best dealt poker hand.

“It was a tremendous event,” Rotella noted, “[but] at that time we didn’t have a legitimate trail system like we do now. A lot has transpired.”

After negotiating terms with the federal government, the EVSC is now operating out of the Morrissey Creek area.

In fact, the organization has set up camp at Wranglers Cabin this season with the hopes of drawing locals and visitors alike to enjoy some powdery fun.

Their first event, held on Sunday, Jan. 18 proved to be successful, attracting snowmobile enthusiasts for a day of snowmobiling, barbequing and lounging by the fire.

The club hopes to host another poker run within the next few weeks. All funds raised during the events are distributed to Elk Valley charities.

“Our club wishes to establish ourselves as a contributing group of riders who will focus on organizing fun events and rides, with all our proceeds going toward worthwhile charities in the Elk Valley,” the EVSC website says. “We presently consist of a core group of men and women who have a passion for the outdoors and appreciate the Elk Valley area for what it is; second to none in breathtaking scenery, great people and some of the best snowmobiling on the continent!”

For more information on the club and for a list of places where you can pick up your membership, including GearHub Sports, visit their website at