Elkford Rod and Gun Club hosts Hunting Film Tour

A huge night is in the works for the Elkford Rod and Gun Club as they plan and prepare to host the Hunting Film Tour Fundraiser event.

The Elkford Rod and Gun Club is hosting the Hunting Film Tour as part of the Winter in the Wild Festival. The Hunting Film Tour hopes to educate people on hunting ettiquette.

A huge night is in the works for the Elkford Rod and Gun Club as they plan and prepare to host the Hunting Film Tour Fundraiser event as part of Elkford’s Winter in the Wild.

The evening is anticipated to be one of the biggest for the Club, with the Film Tour quickly picking up popularity across North America.

Although the highlight will be the videos which focus on the best clips of fair chase, and conservation minded hunting, the Club has also been swamped with donations pouring in, ensuring their silent auction and raffles will be hugely successful in being a key part of the evening and assisting to raise funds.

“We are really thankful for all of the support we have received and continue to receive for this event from those who have bought tickets, donated items as well as the Film Tour executives and the British Columbia Wildlife Federation.  It is really impressive to see this all come together, and know it will be a great event,” said Elkford Rod and Gun Club member and event organizer Dylan Forsyth. “We were hoping this night could not only be a great social and educational event, but also one which would assist in bolstering and revitalizing the Club. Moving forward, the Club has a lot of potential projects we are looking at, as well as ensuring the community knows the Club is very family oriented. We are actually working on some ideas to get youth more involved.”

“The timing worked out perfectly, that we could fill the Saturday evening space during Winter in the Wild and we would like to welcome all families from across the Elk Valley to attend.”

The Film Tour will be held in the Teck Hall of the Elkford Community Conference Centre. Doors will open at 5 p.m. and the videos will start at 7 p.m, ensuring attendees have plenty of time to view the many raffle and silent auction items on display.

The event will be a served event, with simple snacks and a designated driver service will be available.

Tickets can be purchased online, at the Lamplighter Pub in Elkford, or through Don Patterson in Sparwood. All money raised will go back into the community through Elkford Rod and Gun Club projects and programs.