The Free Press recalls 100 years of April stories.

The Free Press recalls 100 years of April stories.

From The Free Press Vault – April

The Free Press recalls stories from 100 years ago.

April 2005 – 10 years ago

Uphill home receives $1.55 million for conversion

Under BC Housing’s Community Partnership Initiatives Program, the Fernie Family Housing Society received $1.55 million for 27 units of supportive seniors’ housing at the former Tom Uphill Memorial Home.


From the Elk Valley RCMP report

Elk Valley RCMP arrested an unnamed Aussie for mischief last week after being caught launching fireworks down the road at cars and buildings. He also had to clean up the mess he made under close supervision.


April 1990 – 25 years ago

Fording says project still very much alive

As far as Fording Coal is concerned, its proposed coal-fired generating plant is still very much alive, despite recent press speculation that B.C. Hydro had rejected the project.

Fording manager Doug Stokes, commenting on a story in last Wednesday’s Vancouver Province that the Elkford power plant had been rejected denied any such decision had been made.


New Fernie golf pro sees area as having potential

The start of the 1990 golf season also brings a new golf pro to the Fernie Golf and Country Club.

Doug Robb has taken over the duties of pro after 11-year veteran Mike Will resigned in early April.


April 1965 – 50 years ago

Federal $37,500 Ok for Relocation of Natal-Michel

The federal government has approved spending $37,500 as its share of the initial study of relocation feasibility of Natal-Michel.


Vimy Ridge Vets Attend Reunion

The annual reunion of the battle of Vimy Ridge veterans, commemorating one of Canada’s greatest victories in the First World War, was observed by Michel-Natal Branch 81 to the Royal Canadian Legion with a smoker held in the Michel Hotel basement Saturday afternoon.


April 1940 – 75 years ago

Barred by the Rules

Miss Kathleen Caufield was disappointed at not being able to take part in the Musical Festival at Blairmore this year. Having won the fourteen-year-old solo singing contest last year, it automatically bars her from entering that event again. She could have entered the 17-year class, but being only eleven and a half years old, it was felt that it was asking too much of her.


April 1915 – 100 years ago

A Row on The Hill

A Starynovich, a Russian who dwells aloft on the cemetery hill, but amongst the live ones, got careless with a knife on Sunday. Constable McDonald and Constable McCrae, of the Provincial force, went up and gathered him in, along with Tony Novuck and Alex Andriski. So far, so good. Then the constables went back for information and while making investigations became separated and were locked in different rooms by angry friends of the men they had arrested. This was serious. Two prisoners, which they had attached, were taken from them.