It’s time to swap seeds and get gardening in Fernie

On March 2 the Griz Days craft fair hosted this annual gardeners’ favourite.

By Dawn Deydey

Fernie Community EcoGarden

On March 2 the Griz Days craft fair hosted this annual gardeners’ favourite. Brought to you by the knowledgeable volunteers of the Fernie EcoGarden, gardeners came out to share seeds saved from last year’s harvest with others in the Elk Valley.

There are many benefits to the ancient craft of seed saving. By saving seed from successful plants, we are more likely to have success with those tested varieties the following year. Plants that like this climate and grow well produce seed that will continue to thrive year after year. Saving seed also enables thrifty gardeners to save money by not having to purchase new seed every season. Growing heirloom varieties helps keep genetic diversity alive and provides exciting and tasty varieties that otherwise may get lost over time. The power of choice also rests in the hands of the gardener instead of with seed companies who may dictate what a gardener may or may not grow.

Another Seed Swap is planned for the Earth Day celebrations on April 22. Everyone is welcome to drop by and discuss gardening in the area and to trade seed with others. Those without seeds are also encouraged to visit, and for a small donation to the EcoGarden, they may receive tried and trusted seeds from local gardens.

Please join us on Monday, April 22 at the Fernie Community Centre, 901, Sixth Avenue, Fernie to learn more about seed saving and gardening. We welcome beginners with questions, and of course, gardeners with years of experience who wish to share their knowledge. Spring is around the corner and we look forward to talking about gardening with you!