Kids who care kick off campaign

The Elk Valley Kids Who Care Society raise awareness

The Elk Valley Kids Who Care Society (EVKC), made up of local youths, Jamie Ray, Alexis Winter, Charlotte Higgins, Sascha Van Zyl and Sinde’lla Sugden are raising awareness about stolen child soldiers and sex slaves in Uganda, Africa. The Society will be selling fused glass and cut glass choker necklaces through the second and third weeks of April to coincide with the April 20, worldwide Kony 2012 Drive. These homemade glass pendants are being made at Jeannie’s creations in Fernie by, Jeannie Grey, Charmaine Lingard, Pat Kozler and Lyudmyla Voronina with help from Trudy Ray. All supplies and time are being donated by these five people and all funds made will go to the Invisible Children Foundation, the group that is spearheading the Kony 2012 Drive. All are welcome to help with this project.

Last year the EVKC raised $2,000 for shelter boxes that were sent to Africa.