Local faces obstacles in spaghetti dinner fundraiser

A Fernie Community Centre fundraiser intended to raise funds for local six-year-old Shyanne Osmond may not move forward as planned.

A Fernie Community Centre fundraiser intended to raise funds for local six-year-old Shyanne Osmond, who in the coming year will be undergoing a trio of invasive, uninsured surgeries to treat an arteriouvenous malformation (AVM), may not move forward as planned.

According to council, the Community Centre fees can only be waived for a non-profit organization, something that Chris Inglis, the local behind the spaghetti dinner fundraiser, said he was unaware of.

The city, however, noted that they did make Inglis aware of this bylaw the last time they met with him.

“We did tell you this when you came to see us last time,” Mayor Mary Giuliano said. “It was really made clear that you had to have a non-profit to support you.”

The bylaw states that local non-profit organizations can have their fees waived for the Community Centre once every calendar year, but after reaching out to a couple of non-profit organization and asking for their support, Inglis said he is concerned that many non-profit organizations have already reserved their annual one time fee waive for their own fundraisers.

“Is there some way to work around this bylaw?” Inglis asked.

The Director of Leisure Services Cam Mertz, however, said he is confident Inglis will receive support from a non-profit group.

“I’m more than confident he’ll be able to partner with a non-profit organization to make sure his event is a success,” Mertz said.

As for now, Inglis is on the prowl for a group that will support his fundraiser dinner that is currently set for the tentative date of January 24, 2015.

But with confirmed support from two local businesses, Overwaitea and Extra Foods, Inglis expressed concern over the current time crunch to find support from a non-profit organization.