Dylan Siggers and Josh McSkimming of the Burrrlapz crew won best video at the Fernie 4 Film Fest

Local film crew wins big at Fernie 4

The Burrrlapz film crew got its start by lapping the Bear Chair at Fernie Alpine Resort (FAR).

The Burrrlapz film crew got its start by lapping the Bear Chair at Fernie Alpine Resort (FAR). Now the local crew has master the art of ski films.

On Apr. 9, the Burrrlapz crew won the Fernie 4 film competition, taking home the cash prize of $4,000. The competition was hosted by Bomb Snow, a ski publication, and featured eight teams who each had to make a four-minute ski video in four days at FAR.

Dylan Siggers, one of the minds behind Burrrlapz, believed the crew had a bit of an edge as they were a local team.

“We know where all of the jumps are. Rather than all of the other teams who had to find jumps, we just knew which jumps we wanted to film and when they would be good,” he said.

According to Siggers, the eight teams were evenly matched and every team produced a high quality video.

“It was a fairly level playing field because everyone was on the hill anyways because the backcountry sucked and the snow was fairly limiting so all the teams skied as hard as they could for the snow. Every video had gnarly shredding. There wasn’t any skiing or snowboarding that was better than anyone else’s.”

The organizers of the competition had few rules for teams to follow: all videos had to be exactly four minutes in length and all had to be filmed in terrain accessed at Fernie Alpine Resort.

“I think the first thing that they said at the meeting was that the first rule was that they hated rules,” said Siggers. “It was a pretty loose event.”

Siggers said the Burrrlapz crew would be definitely interested in participating again next year if they have the opportunity to.

“It’s sweet because we are all such good friends and it is just sweet and easy. There is not really an issue of coming up with ideas, it’s just whatever we think is funny.”

As for the winnings, they split the $4,000 evenly among the crew. Josh McSkimming, Mikey Witlox and Ben Ogilvie, along with Siggers, all came out of the experience $1,000 richer.