Max Turyk closes its doors – The Free Press Turns 115 Years Old

Max Turyk closes its doors - The Free Press Turns 115 Years Old

July 4 2007

Free Press Files

It was a mixture of smiles and somber faces during the final days of Max Turyk Elementary.

The closure was marked with activities and recognition for children and parents.  Max Turyk even held a for-fun street hockey tournament, inviting students from Isabella Dicken Elementary to take part.

“It’s another way we’re working to make the transition smoother,” said Max Turyk Elementary Principal Bob Smith.  “The kids are staying really positive, everyone’s getting to know the children they’re going to be with (next year).  I think this is going to be a very smooth transition.”

The day saw game after game of students vying for ‘top spot’, most garbed in bicycle helmets for protection.

Students of Max Turyk gathered last Thursday for an award and remembrance ceremony, as the school is closing and students will be moved to Isabella Dicken Elementary.

The Board of School District 5 decided to close Max Turyk, because declining enrolment numbers in Fernie did not warrant two elementary schools.

It was also a time for some thoughtful ‘house cleaning’, as staff distributed the sport team jerseys among the students, as a reminder of happy times at Max Turyk.  Smith even brought out a rather ancient-looking pair of athletic shorts, which were once paired with the original school team jersey for Max Turyk.

“They were probably the first ones.  We’ve got some really retired uniforms here,” said Smith as he helped hand out the school jerseys.  Some students suggested Max Turyk kids wear the uniforms for their first day at Isabella Dicken.

“The staff here will be making the move, except for one who has transferred to another school,” said Smith.

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