Mayor update for July 2014

Mayor Guiliano updates the city on last months activity.

July 1st was truly a fantastic and funtastic day of activity to celebrate Canada Day. It was followed by a Sunday of  waste bin painting where an array of amazing artists volunteered their time and shared their talents, painting the waste bins that can be seen around town.

As usual, I attended many meetings including a Teck Communities of Interest meeting where it was stated that CP Police have issued tickets for illegal trespassing on railway tracks and will continue to monitor this activity. They also announced that Teck has been designated as a best corporate citizen in Canada and is on the list of 100 most sustainable corporations in the world. The demand for steel making coal grows but the market is in surplus right now, and Teck’s focus is on controlling costs by reducing spending by five per cent so as to be ready when price rebounds.

A CP spokesperson said that 10 per cent of  CP revenue comes from the five mines in this valley. Canada Transportation Act mandates CP to transport dangerous goods, but if an incident happens, CP is liable.  The College of the Rockies manager  said that childcare programs will be offered at the Fernie Campus and can lead to a licence.

CBT Community Directed Funds have three proposals but none of them fit all of the criteria set out in this committee.

The Guinness World Record for a yoga line wasn’t achieved, however the organizers did put on an event that had music, fire dancing, children’s games and yoga learning opportunities in addition to the yoga line.

The city has taken traffic counts of both 13th and Mt. McLean Rd. and “Current CP train counts are now closing in on 20 trains per day which is on the high end of range of trains volumes per day”. It is still considered to fall short of achieving any of the warrants for adding gates but council will continue to pursue.

On August 22, at 11:00 a.m the. council meeting will be one of many to unveil 100 plaques simultaneously recalling Canada’s first national interment operations and historic injustice. This will be held at Dogwood Park, as that is the location where the internment camp was in Fernie.

A teleconference was held with BCEHS Resource Allocation Plan to discuss changes made province wide to delivery of services. These changes impact First Responder services in our community, but Council was adamant that for the “highest level of care that our local first responders are capable of providing, we intend to retain the existing FFR emergency medical response protocol and not downgrade the response mode to match the new RAP.”  BCAS ambulance service in Fernie provides two ambulances 24/7, year round. Ambulance #1 is called the Day Station Car and is capable of responses within 90 seconds of the initial time of a call. Ambulance #2 is called the Day Pager Car and is capable of responses within 15 minutes of the initial call time. Based on RAP changes, there will be longer waiting times for emergency responses.

Urban Systems provided council with the Development Cost Charge Updates  they are currently working on. Council approved a motion to amend the bylaw by adding DCC’s to be paid at issuance of building permit.

Vendor hours of operation and sitting were discussed and a motion to change hours and placement was defeated until a task force is organized to study this issue.

Council can make motions to allow for event assistance, whereas staff cannot. If assistance is required, the proper process is to get on the agenda and provide information to council so a decision can be made.

Long-time museum curator Mike Pennock has retired. Congratulations Mike and sincere thanks for all of your contributions. The Museum and Miners Walk wouldn’t have been accomplished without you. Your generosity of  time, knowledge and energy towards individuals and organizations in this town as well as the many visitors will never be forgotten.