New app helps skiers and riders connect

Snowflake is aimed at the skiing and snowboarding community and allows users to connect with each other and set up group rides.

There is a new app floating around the mobile platforms stores. Snowflake is aimed at the skiing and snowboarding community and allows users to connect with each other and set up group rides.

“Snowflake is a location based meet-up application that connects skiers and riders looking to find someone to shred with, either at their home mountain or when they’re exploring a new resort,” said Catherine Marston, founder of Snowflake.

The app categorizes users by their skill level and what type of riding they prefer to do.

“We cater to all age groups from 13-year-olds and older. By asking ability level and preferences, Snowflake skiers and riders have the option of finding a similarly skilled person with the same preferences, or not,” said Marston. “The opportunities are endless. There’s also a potential to improve in a certain aspect of your sport.”

The idea behind this app came when Marston did an exploratory solo trip and couldn’t find anyone to ski with at her level.

“I traveled to Breckenridge, CO last winter for a solo trip and had no way to find other skiers and riders of a similar ability level. I was truly longing for the app and spent most of my nights researching how my idea could come to fruition.”

After the idea was finalized, development for the app started in July. While it has since been released for iOS platforms the team is currently working on updates to fix the usual bugs that a new app or program deals with. Since the interview the app has begun development for the Android market.

“We started development in July and just launched for iOS. We’re coming out with a new version around Jan. 10 that will fix some of the small bugs and the design will be different,” said Marston. “It was released on Dec. 24, and we’re about to start development for Android.”

Despite a few bugs in the program, the feedback has been positive so far.

“Everyone seems to love it thus far but have also mentioned the few bugs that will be fixed on this next version.”

Many people have referred to this app as  ‘ski town Tinder’ and while the app does have a newly added feature for skiers and riders who are single. The goal is to connect every rider, and improve the winter sports experiences currently offered.

“We ultimately want to connect skiers and snowboarders – for those interested in the dating aspect – we recently added the ‘Singles Line’ feature, which will give a quick indicator to one’s relationship status,” said Marston. “Snowflake seeks to improve the winter sports experience by offering deals with local ski shops, bars, breweries, gear, and lift tickets. There will be an entire section dedicated to the local spots in ski resort towns across the US and Canada.”