Dustin St. Jean loves to support cancer research at last week's Shave & Shove event.

Dustin St. Jean loves to support cancer research at last week's Shave & Shove event.

Shaving heads and eating pies for cancer research

Fernie Western Financial Group hosts their first Shave & Shove fundraiser event

Locals supported cancer research by attending the Shave & Shove fundraiser event on Saturday at the Western Financial  Group Fernie branch.

By the afternoon, tubs inside Western Financial were littered with freshly cut locks, as heads were shaved and ponytails were lopped off for $10 and $20 each in the name of cancer research. The proceeds from the day were given to Friends for Friends — a local charity that provides assistance to individuals and families undergoing the process of cancer treatment.

“The event went really well,” said organizer Shannon Willford. “Everyone was really engaged throughout the day and the money goes to such a great cause, and that money stays within the community.”

One participant, Dustin St. Jean, opted to go the extra mile and get a heart shape shaved into the back of his head.

“It’s all for a good cause,” said St. Jean with a bright smile.

Newly bald heads weren’t the only attraction at the first-time event; kids and adults got to stuff themselves full of pie, shoving slices one by one as part of the pie eating contest.

“I think that was one of the biggest events of the day,” noted Willford who added that, at one point, about 100 people were outside the doors of the insurance brokerage just to watch the pie eating.

In addition to raising funds for cancer, Western Financial also wanted to raise awareness regarding the negative effects and consequences of drinking and driving.

An obstacle course was designed by ICBC for participants to navigate through, wearing goggles meant to imitate symptoms of alcohol consumption.

“I think it really drove the point home and it was so interesting to do, because nobody got through that obstacle course,” said Willford.

Other activities included face painting, a bake sale and a barbeque for all attendees.

Western Financial met their goal and raised $5,000 over the course of the day.

“We’re definitely going to make this an annual event and bring it back bigger and better next year,” Willford noted.