Sparwood Chamber of Commerce Update

membership drive, Mining Week, Luncheon’s, Highway sign program, and golf tournament have been keeping the Sparwood Chamber busy.

We have had a busy spring at the Sparwood Chamber. With our membership drive, Mining Week, Luncheon’s, Highway sign program, and golf tournament. We were also proud to help with events to celebrate Sparwood’s 50th anniversary.

The Chamber also operates the Visitor Centre and Titan Park, we are now ready for our busy tourist season. We expect over 35,000 visitors to come through our Visitor Centre doors in July and August, and another 10,000-15,000 that stop just to see the truck. We now have two new tourism boards in the park that showcase Sparwood and the Elk Valley. When these visitors stop, they can now see everything we have to offer in our communities, and all of our amenities. It is a very busy time for the Chamber and staff, but we are ready.

The Visitor Centre is stocked and full of clothing, travel aids, souvenirs, handmade jewellery, books and our free travel brochures. In the past everything was logoed with Titan, we still have a lot, but have expanded to include B.C., and Canada. We have installed our new I-Touch tourist board, and are adding two new animal mounts to our collection in the centre, bringing our total to eight on display. Mine tours will start on July 5; Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, all summer; please call to get signed up.

The Sparwood Market will start Friday July 8 and will run until September 15, with music every Friday night. Please get in touch with the Market if you are looking for a spot. Whether you are having lunch in the park, a bite to eat at a food truck or signing up for a mine tour, the Chamber invites everyone  to stop by our Visitor Centre, to see what we have to offer.

We are looking forward to another very busy and fun summer season. For more information on the Chamber or Visitor Centre please call 250-425-2423 or visit our website.