Sparwood company RW Consulting known worldwide

RW Consulting may be little known locally, but worldwide they are well known for their top of the line training services.

RW Consulting may be little known locally, but worldwide they are well known for their top of the line training services.

RW Consulting began as a dream of Reinhard Weins in 2005. As a retired employee from Teck, Wiens saw a demand for training services and put his dream into action. “I began speaking with fellow retired trainers about the idea, most of them didn’t want to completely stop working and were really on board with the idea. Now, we have a staff of twenty six  top of the line trainers. Our tower crane trainer is one of the finest in the world,” he says.

RW Consulting caters to the mining industry offering their services  to educate and teach employees on all makes and models of heavy duty equipment, cranes, and blasting equipment. “We also  have partnered with a local first aid company, Staying Alive First Aid Academy which in some cases join us at various jobs to ensure all the first aid training is up to date,” says Wiens.

Trainers of  RW Consulting are located worldwide and Wiens has had several contracts in North America, Mongolia, India and Africa just to name a few. Wiens is currently trying to establish contracts in Saudia Arabia, but  notes that the process is slow and difficult due to the huge culture differences. RW Consulting has banked experience and contracts working for numerous high profile companies such as BHP Billiton, De Beers, Walter Energy and LeTourneau as factory trainers for Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat and Bucyrus equipment. “My company specializes in helping start up mining companies,” says Wiens. “One of our biggest projects to date has been the Peace River Coal Project,” he says. “We built all of their training programs from scratch.”

Twice a year RW Consulting holds two in house training programs for the operation of Haul Truck and Excavator. With their reputation of one hundred per cent recruitment from  industry employers the classes are always full. The students enrolled in the program receive a week training on out classroom simulators and two weeks of in field training.

Recalling  the past six years Wiens notes, “This business has been interesting. We have moved the office to several locations in Sparwood, and opened and closed an office in the United States.

When asked why such a worldwide company has a home base in Sparwood, Wiens points out his love for the Valley and the lifestyle living here offers.

Wiens hopes the future will bring growth and success to RW Consulting.