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Spirits Soar at Fernie Secondary School’s Spirit Week

Cyndi Lauper aka Ryley Johnston and Slash aka Jasmine Mitchell at Rock Day.

Cyndi Lauper aka Ryley Johnston and Slash aka Jasmine Mitchell at Rock Day.

By Katie Hopkins

School can be boring, especially since we just had two weeks off for Spring Break and it is hard to get back into the same old routine. So this week Fernie Secondary School and the student council decided to spice things up, and help get our spirits up. We had “Spirit Week!”

What was it? A week to dress up crazy, or act like it is the weekend and to get our mind off school for just a little bit.

What did we do? To start off the week we had to show off our school colours, which are green, black and white. Tuesday I would have to say was the best day, because we got to wear what a teenager likes best and does best which is sleep.  What better way to come to school in your pyjamas and your slippers? You didn’t even have to get ready, which means you slept in a little bit longer. Let’s just hope it wasn’t too long.

Since the teachers felt like they were missing out on the fun, we had a teachers vs. students day on Wednesday. This consisted of the teachers racing against the students in a challenging yet epic obstacle course in our gymnasium.

There was a rope swing, bench walking with hula hoops, scooter racing, high five station and a spring board jump pit.

What was at stake was being a “student slave” if the teachers won or recess on Friday if the students won. We were neck and neck the whole entire time, until the students pulled through the end with a very close race. Now we get recess this Friday!

Thursday was Rock Day, where we had to dress up as our favourite rock star and have a jam session on Guitar Hero at lunch. Friday was V-day or Victory Day where we, the students celebrated our victory over the teachers and where we felt like winners all day!

This was a week where school didn’t lack any excitement and really reminded us there is a kid in us all. We just got to learn to show our spirit and our pride in who we are. As much as the phrase is overused where at Fernie Secondary “We care,” school is still meant to be a place where we learn to live a better life with the collective energetic spirit of those in the school community.

So with our spirits up high and our doubts out the way, we can tackle those math questions, figure out that formula and find what word rhymes with silver. “We’ve got spirit, yes we do, now what about you?”