United Steel Workers to host Labour Day barbecue

Everything at the event is free to the public; please come celebrate what we, the working class, have achieved.

The United Steel Workers local 9346 are hosting a Labour Day event at the Fernie Splash Park on Monday, September 2.

“The nuts and bolts of this country, its infrastructure, was built on the backs of men and woman of labour,” said Steve Kallies USW local 9346 Occupational Health and Safety Chair.

“It has been my experience for the past several decades that scores of men and woman who selflessly spend a lifetime bettering our community’s quality of living are scarcely acknowledged.”

“This Labour day event is to remind people that the labour movement is how Canada came to exist. It is why we are the envy of the world. Unfortunately, we have been made to believe that unions are to blame for recent economic downfall. The Canadian middle class, which are the vast majority of citizens in this country, enjoy higher wages, benefits, holidays, retirement packages, and even days off as a direct result of the labour movement. For far too long have we forgotten our roots. Everything at our event is free to the public; please come celebrate what we, the working class, have achieved.”

Sarah Thompson, USW secretary added, “It’s to celebrate labour at a family friendly event. We’re inviting other unions to join us, to fly their flags, hand out pens or help us cook.”

From noon until 3 p.m, they will be giving away hamburgers, hotdogs and beverages as well as providing entertainment such as music, bounce houses, face painting and a fire truck will make an appearance.

To join this event, contact the USW union hall at 250-425-0131.