World Water Day

March 22 is World Water Day and I want to declare my love for the Elk River.

By Lee-Anne Walker

Elk River Alliance


March 22 is World Water Day and the week surrounding this date is set aside to celebrate our favourite water bodies. In honour of this aqueous week, I want to declare my love for the Elk River.

It is a privilege to live at the top end of this water wealthy watershed. All human activities in the Elk Valley, from industrial, urban development, tourism, transportation and household use, must be done in a way that protects our water quality.

All life depends on the Elk River watershed, not just human life. Human drinking water largely comes from protected drainages and underground aquifers but the aquatic and terrestrial animals depend on surface water. We must protect shorelines and adjacent riparian forests providing critical habitat for wildlife and their migration corridors.

Although I am not a fisher per se, I do spend time with fishers. Inherently I know that abundant, healthy fish are the bell-weather of our river’s health.

Join the Elk River Alliance at Earth Day April 22 for the “I Love the Elk River” video story booth to declare your feelings for this water body that unites the Elk Valley. Share your 45-second story or memory and you might be featured on  Get out on World Water Day, March 22, and declare your love of the Elk!