Editorial: Get ahead of fire risks

Fire is an annual threat to this part of the world, so why not be more proactive about it?

EDITORIAL: Uncertainty and unpredictability

I ambled out of my house last week, barefoot, with a phone…

EDITORIAL: Jagmeet Singh’s fight against racism

Oh Canada. I say this not as a term of national pride…

EDITORIAL: The history of Pride Month

June marks Pride Month here in Canada and in many other places…

EDITORIAL: searching for happiness

The Free Press reporter Soranne Floarea explores the meaning of happiness

EDITORIAL: Remembering Red Dress Day

The Free Press editor Paige Mueller shares her take on Red Dress Day 2020

Daughter pays tribute to father who died of COVID-19 with memorial in Vancouver
Federal health minister 'can't rule out' Canada in second wave
B.C. reports six deaths, 317 new cases of COVID-19 as wildfire smoke affects air quality
Canada hopes to avert new U.S. tariff war, but stands ready to fire: Champagne

EDITORIAL: Redefining fulfillment

Reporter Soranne Floarea gives her take on reaching fulfillment

EDITORIAL: Practicing Amor Fati

The Free Press reporter Soranne Floarea reflects on life philosophy in times of crisis

EDITORIAL: How to support your local businesses

Now more than ever, it’s important to shop local whenever you can

EDITORIAL: Kindness, happiness are just as contagious

I’ve got on a coffee stained shirt, the same one I’ve worn…

Editorial: Free Press editor bids farewell

Not too long ago the thought crossed my mind that I might…

OPINION: Affordable housing project approval the right decision for Fernie

Fernie Family Housing Society’s North End Court development to help address housing crisis

OPINION: Jaffray bear meeting good first step, but not enough

A large number of individuals attended the grizzly bear meeting in Jaffray…

Opinion: funding for Trump’s wall would be better spent on foreign aid

What do Tash Sultana, Donald Trump and Tony Abbott have in common?

DeMeer: Cats and dogs are reigning – and it’s wrong

Princeton editor Andra DeMeer tackles the issue placing pets over people

EDITORIAL: Vandalism shows need for rainbow crosswalk

Hateful graffiti shows Salmon Arm’s need for a symbol of inclusion

Editorial: Changes coming to The Free Press

Things are about to look a little different around here. There is…

  • Jul 26, 2018

EDITORIAL: Maryland journalists killed in pursuit of truth

Five people were gunned down in the Capital Gazette newsroom

Editorial: What’s all the fuss about pot?

Don’t worry, be happy about pot legalization

  • Jun 26, 2018

EDITORIAL: All children created equal

There are still some who justify President Donald Trump’s treatment of migrant children

  • Jun 19, 2018