Politicians should focus less on the past and more on the future

Politicians should focus less on the past and more on the future

Arguments are so often found in politics.

Lately I have heard about our local candidates who have been squaring off with each other from behind the microphone in an attempt to weaken their opponent and gain the upper hand.

It disappointments me to hear this. This is not smart politics.

I am more open to accepting the point of someone else if this point is made within a civil and respectful conversation. I am not easily convinced through forceful arguments.

My hope is that candidates would have enough to say about the positive aspects of their own political platform or things they believe in without feeling the need to attack the principles of others.

Why is it that so often we see politicians not state their point of view or explain themselves based on their parties platform. Rather, we see them attack each other instead of the issues.

As a voter, I don’t want to be left having to choose, ‘Who is the least bad?’ I would rather be given the opportunity to choose, ‘Which party policies ring truest to my own beliefs?’ This is healthy politics. And lately, I’m not hearing much of it.

I don’t want to hear about the mistakes of the past, I want to hear about goals for the future. As a young voter, with what I hope is a long future ahead of me, I want to know what the parties are going to do to ensure my future, for my generation.

I’ll admit, arguments and criticism are often used in politics to gain yards on one’s opponent. Sometimes, this works. Take for example the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Through attacking his opponents, he was able to climb to power. However, I do not believe this is how a healthy, strong governance is formed. I do not believe this is what forms a healthy community. I do not believe this is what the Elk Valley needs.

From what I have experienced in the surrounding areas, community is one of the Elk Valley’s strongest assets. I would hate to see this become something washed under the floorboards of a politician’s agenda; someone so set on winning the approval of the public, that they are willing to step over their opponents at any cost.