A taste of Hertz Donut at The Central

Vancouver based DJs stop in Fernie as part of western Canadian tour

Submitted by Hywel Davies

“If you think that something positive will happen to you, I mean, think real hard that everything will turn out great… it will! That’s how the universe works,” explained DJ Mitch Mckinnon just before going on stage at The Grand Central Hotel & Bar. Getting into the psyche of the duo wielding electronic party animal that is Hertz Donut was an enlightening experience to say the least.

On the verge of ending what has been a successful tour across most parts of western Canada, these Vancouver-based DJs have put everything into their sound. After playing a string of festivals, including Fozzy Fest on Lake Koocanusa, throughout last summer, this happy factory on wheels doesn’t seem to be slowing down production, and they are pumped to be where they are now.

This being their first time playing in Fernie, both Mckinnon and Tim Lange didn’t seem to feel the fatigue of life on the road. Like two kids in a candy store, the excitement they showed towards what they do is beyond inspiring and incredibly infectious.

“We take that positive energy,” described Lange, “and throw it back onto the dance floor. When the music starts playing, we want it to be like, ‘Hurts, don’t it?’”

Good vibes and an electrifying presence were needed to fill what was mostly empty space.

With the first beats being laid down, the message being brought by these two became all so clear; attendee’s ears were in for one hell of a ride. A unique and heavy sound that mixed almost every aspect of the electronic genre from dubstep to house filled The Central.

Delivering fresh and original floor fillers, this wasn’t your average DJ set. The two were in complete sync, down to the final bass drop. By the time Hertz Donut had stretched their muscles, the dance floor was bouncing and good times were in demand.

No strangers to ski towns, the guys knew exactly how to get the crowd going. With a mixed presence of locals and travelling fans on the dance floor, it made no real difference to the DJ’s attitude or to the set list.

A newcomer to electronic or a seasoned veteran, it was all fair game to anyone who wanted to keep up to these beats.

Hertz Donut were digging the rabbit hole deeper and deeper as time went on, seeing just how far the music would take their audience into Wonderland.

A great first impression, Hertz Donut will be heading to Red Deer to bring their tour full circle. Expect a lot from this twin attack of pure happy mayhem in the future, with an extended play (EP) due in spring, prepare your ear buds for some bass. To miss these guys would be a tragedy, a great addition to the west coast scene