Bunnies meet zombies in a new exhibit

Imagine if Bugs Bunny starred in 28 Days Later, and you have Death Town Bunnies.

Imagine if Bugs Bunny starred in 28 Days Later, and you have Death Town Bunnies.Death Town Bunnies is the The Arts Station’s latest exhibit showcasing the new works by local artist and musician, Troy Cook.“Ever since I was a kid I’ve been interested in rabbits,” said Cook.For almost as long as he’s been interested in rabbits, he’s been painting and drawing them too.Cook said the rabbits crossed over to the post-apocalyptic about three years ago.“This world that I work from, it is a world in the future and there are zombies and post-apocalyptic elements,” he said.Cook said that the inspiration for the paintings also came from watching the changes he’s seen happen around town.He describes the style of the paintings as being pop surrealist and abstract.“The rabbits are often more realistic and the backgrounds are a bit more chaotic,” said Cook.He feels that his exhibit will be something out of the ordinary for The Arts Station.“It will be a bit more thought provoking than the usual paintings of mountains and landscapes,” said Cook.“I hope that people find some humour in the paintings but also recognize the morose seriousness,” he said.The opening reception for Death Town Bunnies is Thursday, February 24 at 7 p.m. The show will continue until Tuesday, March 29.