Fernie filmmaker gets audience approval at film fest

A local filmmaker and graphic designer was once again awarded ‘Best Local Film’ at this year’s Fernie Mountain Film Festival.

Ryan Radchenko, a local filmmaker and graphic designer, was  once again awarded ‘Best Local Film’ for his submission, The Indy, at this year’s Fernie Mountain Film Festival.

Ryan’s film was a heartfelt story of an aging snowmobile that was once a mighty contender on Canada’s frozen flats, but now, decades later, is forced to climb the steep and deep Rocky Mountains. Retirement was earned long ago.

Ryan’s entries have been chosen for the best local film award for three out of the past five years.

In 2010 he was first awarded for a one-minute short called U.F.B.C. Ski Bum, a comedic take on a young man fulfilling his father’s expectations. He won again in 2012, with The Power of Powder, tracing Fernie’s ski history with historical images and ‘Grizzly’ animation. Ryan believes that telling a story is the most important aspect of filmmaking as it engages the audience.

After a brief hiatus in Eastern Canada, Ryan felt drawn back to Fernie to continue telling the amazing stories of this valley through film. This summer Ryan plans to offer a comprehensive media service including open source website design, graphic design and of course, film making services. Ryan’s projects can be viewed on vimeo.com by typing his name in the search bar.

The Film Fest is dedicated to filmmakers who spark awareness of mountain cultures, fragile environments and the passion and perseverance of global explorers.