Over 60 people attended Studio 562’s FIVE group art show last Thursday

Over 60 people attended Studio 562’s FIVE group art show last Thursday

FIVE – a group art show, attracts over 60 spectators

The group art show kicked off on March 23 with over 60 people present. At times, so many you could barely move.

FIVE – A group art show, kicked off on March 23 with over 60 people present. At times, so many you could barely move.

Studio 562 is home to talented landscape painter, Leanne Stothert, who practices painting through figurative, wildlife and nature pieces.

Kim Kennedy, Alain Stahl, Sarah Pike and Sarah Moffatt were the other guest artists featured in the gallery beside Stothert.

Stothert’s goal with her studio was to feature her own art, but then once or twice a year, host a variety of talented local artists who don’t have a lot of exposure to the public.

Stothert originally went to school for computer animation, but fell in love with Fernie and decided to stay. She started painting after having children, and eventually moulded her style from strictly figurative work, to wildlife and nature landscape pieces as well.

Kim Kennedy is known for her painting, but also creates a variety of wooden string instruments.

“Not many people know what she does,” said Stothert, who discovered her work as a luthier after meeting her through their children. “I realized, wow, you have this amazing talent, and nobody knows this… I just really wanted to give her the opportunity to show, so that people in Fernie could see (what she does).”

Alain Stahl is a long-time woodworker, who has become a master in extravagant counter-top pieces, storage containers, custom beds, and other household items including cabinets and display stands. Many know him for his daily work as a furniture expert, and this gave him an opportunity to show off some of his specialty work.

Stahl has been in Fernie for close to 20 years, and has been working with wood for the past 15 of those. Since he started, his style of work morphed from rustic furniture, to specialty cabinet work, and more elaborate projects.

At the art show, he had some mission style work and collector chests. These took him upwards of 40 hours each to make. He was happy to see so many people at the show.

“I always dabbled in woodworking, since I was young,” said Stahl, who came to Fernie after being trained as a chef. “The transformation of raw material, is somewhat like cooking. You start with raw lumber, that sort of looks likes firewood, and then change it into a piece.”

Sarah Pike is acclaimed as being one of the best in her industry, excelling in the work of ceramic pottery. She produces intricate mugs, bowls, and vases. Pike is known nation-wide for her work, and has a fan base of nearly 40 thousand. Her work is on display in seven art galleries across Canada and the United States.

Pike and Stothert met when Pike first moved to Fernie, and have been collaborating in art shows together ever since. This time, Pike brought in several large bowls and vases that fit in perfectly with the environment.

Sarah Moffat has broken the rules of painting and created something unique, by beautifully combining the use of metals and paints. She was represented by her sister, Krista, who sang her praises.

Moffatt, the Ontario-born artist uses metallic foils to accentuate her subject, which often takes the form of a tree amongst a nature landscape. Moffat resides in Carleton Place, Ont.