Five Alarm Funk returns to Fernie

Vancouver-based funk band, Five Alarm Funk, are returning to Fernie for an Aug. 6 show at the Northern.

Vancouver-based funk band Five Alarm Funk has fond memories of their Fernie performances. They are returning to the Northern on Aug. 6.

Vancouver-based funk band, Five Alarm Funk, are returning to Fernie for an Aug. 6 show at the Northern. According to Tayo Branston, a drummer and vocalist for the group, they have a soft spot for Fernie.

“Fernie was one of the first places we toured to. We’ve probably done Fernie about eight or nine times or so, and we have played the Wapiti Festival as well. Fernie was kind of one of our first reach outs into the province,” he told The Free Press on July 27. “We’re really excited. We are back at the Northern and we can’t wait. We’ve had some really great shows there.”

Five Alarm Funk, which has been performing as a band for 14 years, has numerous projects to be excited about, including the recent release of their live album Live in the Moment. Branston says the band is excited to produce a live album, as it best reflects how the band likes to play – live on stage.

“It has five unreleased songs on it, the sound quality of the record is incredible and it is our first stab at a live record and we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out,” he said. “We always wanted to bring the live show to people because we really live as a band on stage. That is what we are known for. So to be able to bring a live album to people is great.”

The band is also touring heavily this summer, and is fresh off a five-week cross-Canada tour, playing shows from Vancouver to New Brunswick. After they return from their Fernie show, they will be heading into the studio to record their next album. With nine people in the group, all songs are a collaborative effort between everyone, according to Branston.

“Everybody does have a hand in the pot,” he said. “It’s really an interactive process that the whole band takes part in and that’s what, I think, gives our songs an eclectic feel, such a different vibe, because we are all from different musical backgrounds, but we come together to play funk, which is so great and awesome. It allows us to take funk in a different direction.”

Because of the fresh material, concert-goers in Fernie will be treated to 12 new songs mixed in with their classics. Branston says the group has their performance nailed after perfecting it while on tour.

“It’s the best time for the people of Fernie because we have been on the road for five weeks, we have done the set in and out so we are going to be bringing our best and tightest show to the people of Fernie.”