Local to compete for Extreme Huntress title

Erica Forsyth is gearing up to compete at the world-renowned 777 Ranch in Texas from July 12 to July 18.

After making her way into the top six finalists spot in the global Extreme Huntress competition, local huntress Erica Forsyth is gearing up to compete at the world-renowned 777 Ranch in Texas from July 12 to July 18.

Earlier this year, Forsyth’s hunting abilities gained her a semi-finalist spot in the competition, and she has since been working to secure online votes in addition to promoting herself.

Coming out on top and securing third place in the voting competition, Forsyth said she owes her success to local supporters.

“I’m super thankful for all the support from the valley,” she said, adding that living in a small community allowed her to reach out to other members of the East Kootenay Big Game Club and the Elkford Rod and Gun Club, a club she has been a member of for the past seven years. “That is a huge help.”

Since receiving the news of making it to the finals, Forsyth said she has drawn a lot of attention, both from global sponsors and the community.

“It’s actually kind of overwhelming because I’m not used to being in any sort of spot light,” she admitted.

In addition, Forsyth’s success landed her 1,000 Facebook friend requests.

Despite her recent claim to fame, Forsyth said she continues to focus on the competition, and has been training for the competition’s biathlon — the Extreme Huntress skills competition Forsyth said she is most intimidated by.

“I’m training now because the biathlon is done in the afternoon and the heat and humidity is so bad down there that you have to prepare your lungs for it,” she noted, adding that her training consists of running during the hottest part of the day in the Elk Valley.

The Extreme Huntress competition will test the women on their physical fitness, tracking and hunting skills, with the six finalists being expected to hunt every morning and evening, with afternoons dedicated to a series of skills competitions.

Forsyth said that aside from winning the competition, her main goals are to promote conservation in addition to becoming a role model for other female hunters.

“The main goal is just to spread awareness for women and children to get into the outdoors,” she said. I want to be a positive role model for all aspiring huntresses and hunters.”

The show is set to air on Sunday, October 5, running for a total of 13 weeks and the winner of the competition will be announced at the Dallas Safari Club convention on January 16, 2016, where they will receive bragging rights in addition to an exclusive Extreme Huntress award sculpted by artist Mark James.