Lose the blues

You know you are passionate about the art of music when you have four new albums to promote!

You know you are passionate about the art of music when you have four new albums to promote!

That is exactly the case for Rambling Dan Frechette who will be paying Fernie a visit on his tour of Western Canada. Performing highlights from his new albums, The Bluegrass Album, Nothing to Lose but the Blues, Hello Goodbye Town and Quick Walk Hard Road, Frechette will leave his heart and soul on the stage.

With over 1,500 songs to his credit, Rambling Dan is a master of song not found often in the young crop of musicians and artists.

His music conjures the many eras and histories of popular song before his birth 35 years ago. His ability as a performer and versatility from being a self-taught multi-instrumentalist adds a multi-faceted essence to his songwriting. His voice harkens to the sound of edgy Americana and the storied history of the past starting from 40 years ago. His latest album, Nothing to Lose But the Blues, has echoes of early Bob Dylan protest songs, elements of a bluegrass album with storytelling and performances on a number of  bluegrass instruments and, ultimately, is a blues album that made use of Rambling Dan’s edgy singing and blues prowess.

Frechette’s ability to infuse elements from such a plethora of different instruments, genres, and generations allows him to impress and entertain people from all walks of life. Everyone who listens becomes a fan of Dan.  Frechette himself says, “I’m only ever as good as the connection I have with the audience.”

If you are interested in hearing more about Rambling Dan and his artistic mastery, visit him online at www.ramblingdan.com.

Ramblin’ Dan Frechette will perform at The Arts Station on Wednesday, April 18 at 8 p.m.

Members: $15/adults $10/youth; Regular $20/adults $12/youth (under 18). Tickets are available at The Arts Station, Freshies and Carosella.