Tallest to Shortest line up a surf rock show

Edmonton based music group, Tallest to Shortest, are bringing their tight and twisty fluid surf-rock sound to the Royal on November 5.

Edmonton Alta. based, Tallest to Shortest are bringing their tight and twisty genre fluid surf-rock sound to the Royal on Nov. 5.

“Our band members have a diverse range of tastes and influences. Having grown up during the ‘grunge’ era, there is a definite grungy side to our music, but we mix in more polished ‘metal’ elements and also more raunchy punk elements like The Ramones or The Stooges,” said band member Mark Feduk. “We like to switch it up a lot, so basically if you like rock, you will enjoy us. We don’t do anything crazy heavy, but we do get close. There’s something for everyone. We’ve been compared to the Talking Heads, Black Sabbath, Beastie Boys, Ramones, Stooges and lots of other stuff.”

The diverse comparisons have been honed by the three band members for some time.

“I play bass, guitar and sing. Sean Brewer plays guitar, bass and sings – we usually switch bass and guitar through the show. Corey Motz plays drums,” said Feduk. “We all started playing when we were in our mid-teens, but the three of us started playing together as Tallest to Shortest about three or four years ago. Sean and I have been playing together in bands for almost 15 years though. We were in a band called The Uncas that toured across Canada extensively, and we’re even featured on Much [Music] back in the 2000’s. We also played together in a band called Red Ram. All three of us have had various other bands along the way as well. Tallest to Shortest is likely the band we’ve all had the most fun with though, it’s just such rockin’ stuff.”

The Royal show will feature almost completely unique material, according to Feduk, the band does not do many covers, if at all.

“We have a high energy show with lots of twists and turns. People will see a very tight band with songs that sound simple on the surface but have a lot of intricate breaks and bends,” he said. “Sean and I switch guitar and bass quite often, and we both sing. Corey is a monster on drums and is fun to watch; he’s got a bit of ‘Animal’ – the drummer from the Muppets – in him, minus the hair. I think we’re playing all night in Fernie, so they will hear a lot of original material.”

This won’t be the first time the band has played in Fernie. The first and last time Tallest to Shortest toured Fernie was for the kickoff of Griz Days this year.

“We have been to Fernie as a band once before, and I have stopped in many times,” said Feduk. “I love the town – great people, great shops and food and a good nightlife. We played in Fernie as part of the kickoff to Griz Days 2016, we had a fun time and we’ve been looking to come back ever since. We can’t wait to party in Fernie again.”