Canadian indie rock band

Yukon Blonde returns to Wapiti stage

Canadian indie rock band Yukon Blonde is returning to Fernie for this year’s Wapiti Music Festival.

Canadian indie rock band Yukon Blonde is returning to Fernie for this year’s Wapiti Music Festival. The band played at Wapiti‘s first festival in 2010.

Although the band has an exhaustive summer tour schedule, they are excited to return to Fernie. According to Brandon Scott, guitarist and vocalist for the group, they have fond memories of playing here before.

“It was a really good time, although the power went out in one of our songs but then kicked in halfway through which was really great,” he said. “We kind of improvised our way through it – it was actually really fun.”

The band will be playing songs from their latest album On Blonde, which was released in June 2015.

“I think we’ve got a pretty good summer set list going on right now. We are happy with it,” said Scott, adding that all of the songs on the album are original tunes.

On Blonde is Yukon Blonde’s third studio album and the group is gathering ideas for a fourth record. Scott says the group is looking to create a new sound and progress their musical scope.

“This is our third record and we have two EPs as well and we are getting some material for our fourth record ready. We are poking away at new records. You want to keep producing and keep it going – reinventing I guess you could say.”

Scott says the group likes to put on a good show, as getting people to dance is like a complement to the group.

“We’re just always into being an energetic rock band. We like having fun, we like making people have fun. They are there, they’ve paid for their concert ticket and you want to give them a good show,” he said. “That is just our number one goal is just to have fun. We love having people dance; it’s the best feeling in the world.”

Yukon Blonde will be playing at Wapiti, in August in Annex Park. From the sounds of it, the band is just as excited for the festival as many concert-goers are.

“We love doing festivals in general and then being in the Kootenays, it’s just that much more beautiful,” said Scott. “It will be nice to be in Fernie. It will be a really good time.”