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Elkford girl raises funds for Twin Meadows Animal Rescue

Braelynn McLean's love of animals inspired her to start a fundraiser business
Braelynn McLean raised money for Twin Meadows Animal Rescue through her new animal waste pick-up service

Braelynn McLean has turned her passion for animals into a business that raised $300 for Twin Meadows Animal Rescue in Fernie.

The nine-year-old Elkford resident started her own animal waste pick-up service Poop 9-11. She spent the month of May picking up after pets and cleaning chicken coops using scoopers, garbage bags and gloves that she purchased herself, and taking the waste she collected to the dump.

She was challenged to raise $300 by Ken Rawson, who promised that if she reached her goal, he would match her funds. Cory Fouillard provided a further $300, bringing the total up to $900.

McLean's mother Michelle D'Auteuil said that her first job experience has been a positive one, teaching her to be a responsible and independent member of the community.

"I think she's learned the importance of hard work and making money. Having a goal and having the drive to meet that goal is really important," she said.

D'Auteuil said McLean has always had a passion for animals, having cared for three rescue cats and two dogs, and volunteered with a veterinary clinic in Pincher Creek. 

"Her dream job would be a veterinarian," D'Auteuil added.

McLean is planning to continue with her job this year, and grow her business into a dog walking service. 



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