Connie Gawryluk

September 3, 1957 – May 17, 2002 ~
She was extraordinary.
She was kind, silly and supportive.
She was always up for a good time, relaxed and fun yet you knew the rules and didn’t dare cross her.
She was thoughtful, fair, generous,
and thought we hung the moon.
She was extraordinary.
Mom left us 20 years ago yet our children know her. Grandma Connie is spoken of frequently in our homes. They know bierock’s and large pan brownies and survival cookies because that’s what Grandma Connie would have made them. They know the magic of Christmas and importance of family. They know what it is to be loved fiercely because she showed us and now we show them.
She was extraordinary.
Always in our hearts,
Love you forever,
Amy, Christian, Jackie and our families