Loaf Bakery now open in Sparwood

Break bread at the new bakery during their grand opening today!

Loaf Bakery Sparwood opened on Tuesday

Loaf Bakery Sparwood opened on Tuesday

There’s no loafing around as the new bakery and cafe opened in Sparwood this week.

The Loaf Bakery has expanded into Sparwood, catering to the early risers opening at 5:30 am.

“We’re going back to what we first started with in Fernie, with a smaller bakery,” said owner Phil Gadd.

Baking will take place at its new location with the big green truck out front. Loaf’s original espresso machine will be bringing creamy espresso to the caffeine connoisseur’s delight and hot soups can help warm hungry bellies.

Bread and patisseries will be the main focus with breakfasts and lunch from the hot box consisting of sausage rolls, spinach pies and miners pies known as Cornish Pasties. Deeply rooted in British mining history, they were first created at the turn of the century by miner’s wives. Wives made the half moon shaped pastry with a crust full of rich meat stew as a meal their husbands could eat working underground in all the soot without having to wash their hands as they’d throw away the crust.

“We identified that Sparwood was missing a local bakery and coffee shop so we’re trying to fill that gap,” said Gadd. “With the future business developments announced too, we thought it would be good.”

While the bakery will mostly be take-out, there will be limited bench seating with the original long table from Fernie. To start the bakery will be open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday from 5:30 am to 3 pm.